Friday, October 26, 2012

OpenELIS Global Release 2.8

The latest OpenELIS release 2.8 now available. The release addresses the following priorities and issues:
  • Test catalog updates, including reflex tests for CI LNSP, CI IPCI
  • Viewable audit trail for application events, such as by order, by user, etc.
  • Nonconformity reporting enhancements
  • Add referring site names/codes for drop down selection on forms
  • Improved support for the selection between multiple reflex test algorithms or to allow for the selection of a different test then the default test in the algorithm 
  • Order view (consulter)
  • Test autoselection based on PNPEC directives 
  • Modify or view order through search by reception date
  • Reflex testing algorithms (ELISA)
  • Capture of clinical patient data and use in raw data export
  • Specific patient reports, non-conformity report, raw data export, and internal reports for CI LNSP
  • Enhance internal report with LNSP guidance
  • Support for Virtual Machine deployments and upgrades
  • Integrated automated backups
  • Additional analyzers mapped for automatic import of results
  • Bug fixes
Please send us any feedback you may have about the release.

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