Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OpenELIS Vietnam Progress Update

Here's an update of our progress on the development of the requirements for the Phase I milestone of OpenELIS in Vietnam.  As a reminder, the focus of the Phase I deliverables is in these three areas:
  1. Inclusion of batch specimen entry screen, allowing quick data entry for multiple specimens
  2. Inclusion of label printing functionality both outside and within specimen entry screens
  3. Modifications to individual specimen entry, i.e. limiting data entry screen to one page, allowing specimen rejection during specimen entry, etc.
Integration of the first two of these goals is still continuing and is close to completion.  A demo site will soon be available showing off these new features.

Additionally, considerable work has been accomplished on getting the Vietnam test catalog completed and mapped to LOINC (with many thanks to Jerry Sable for his expertise and contributions).  It will soon be ready for integration into the Vietnam version of OpenELIS.

Finally, initial steps have been taken in development of a deployment guide for OpenELIS in Vietnam. A rough outline has been put together and discussions around content have begun.

Friday, September 6, 2013

OpenELIS Global Release 3.3

It is my pleasure to inform you that we released version 3.3 of OpenELIS for production on Friday September 6, 2013. This release comes after a successful acceptance testing process during which OpenELIS end users in country were giving the responsibility to assure that the issues/features/bugs were satisfactorily resolved in the new version of OpenELIS. We are convinced that this new testing process has contributed to reach a higher level of satisfaction among the users. We also believe that the engagement of in-country users in this testing process is a critical step along the path to transition to in-country partners.
This release includes the following:

OpenELIS Haïti
  • Test requests can now be sent from iSanté. There is a space on the sample entry for the order number and the ability to assign sample types for tests which can be done on more than one sample type.
  • The patient ST number or national ID number is required for tests referred from iSanté.
  • Tests that have been referred out will only show the referred out test on the patient report.
  • Patient reports have been modified.  The column for referred out and abnormal results has been removed and a column for the collection date and time has been added. Results that fall outside the normal range will appear in bold.
  • Workplans have been modified.  There is now a space for the results and the technicians signature.

OpenELIS Côte d’Ivoire
  • Added received time to sample intake forms.
  • Added usage report.

  • Bug fixes
  • Supervisor signature and date field have been added to the non-conformity report. This is a configurable option. 
  • Referral page – The page has been better organized to make it clear what information is from the host lab and what information is from the lab to which the test has been referred.
  • Added ability for the site to set the accession number prefix when the application is installed.
  • Added validation backlog report.
  • Add fields for provider information on non-conformity page.
  • If no tests are available for a sample type during sample entry the user will be notified and the sample type removed from sample entry.
  • Improved layout in admin section.
  • Sample collection has been added as a place where non-conformity events can be detected. This is a configurable action.
  • User manuals have been updated.

The release is available via the OpenELIS Global GitHub repository:

Please send us any feedback you may have about the release.