Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OpenELIS Vietnam Progress

Here's an update of our progress on the development of the requirements for the Phase I milestone of OpenELIS in Vietnam.  The focus of the Phase I deliverables is in these three areas:
  1. Inclusion of batch specimen entry screen, allowing quick data entry for multiple specimens
  2. Inclusion of label printing functionality both outside and within specimen entry screens
  3. Modifications to individual specimen entry, i.e. limiting data entry screen to one page, allowing specimen rejection during specimen entry, etc.
Development of the first two of these goals is mostly complete at this time, although there is still work required to integrate the new functionality into the existing code.  The third goal, individual specimen entry modifications, has not been started yet, but some of the work done for the batch specimen entry will be directly reusable for individual specimen entry, i.e. specimen rejection functionality.

Once the batch specimen entry and label printing functionality are fully integrated, we will make a demo version of the code available so that we can start collecting feedback on the progress made so far.

We will attempt to make regular progress updates on this blog fortnightly to keep everyone informed on the development status.