Friday, September 28, 2012

OpenELIS Cote d'Ivoire Progress

I wanted to take a moment to update you on our progress on the priorities for this upcoming release of OpenELIS in Cote d’Ivoire.  For release of OpenELIS 2.8, we are focused on finalizing functionality for LNSP laboratory based on the validation testing and additional requirements we received from our trip in July.  In addition to that, we have been hard at work on the following additional high priority items:

       Audit Trail (traceability) of all steps through the workflow, status changes, and values for orders, samples, patients, tests, results, and reports

More on the specifics of the audit trail are written up in several blog posts here:    (Your feedback to improve this feature is more than welcome!)

       System stability improvements, including the elimination of the “it’s not your fault” issues, and an improved standard server build method that will drastically ease and improve the installation of OpenELIS
       Dynamic selection of reflex test algorithms and tests within the algorithm
       Non-conformity reporting and workflow improvements
       Making calculated values display as text rather than as a data entry field
       Additional analyzer interfaces
       Updating test catalogs for LNSP and IPCI
       Updating meta-data for lookup values for LNSP and IPCI
       Overall usability improvements
       Text revisions/corrections and bug fixes

We have decided to delay the OpenELIS 2.8 release in order to give us additional time for testing of the finalized features for this release, and to align it better with our plan for training in the last of October/first of November.  We plan to release 2.8 at end of day on Friday, 26th October.

In order to not delay urgent improvements though, we released OpenELIS 2.7.3 as an interim patch for Retro-CI specifically.  This release addressed the issue with CD3 results not appearing in biological validation after they were accepted by the lab technician.  I wrote a blog post about our troubleshooting of this issue and the resolution with the release:

Lastly, for up to date write-ups on our work on OpenELIS, you can read the blog: and view our roadmap:  You can also receive any new postings to the blog automatically in your email.  Just subscribe with your email address using the field titled “Follow By Email” on the right hand side of the screen on the blog.  In addition, we’d love to hear your feedback for what kind of information you would like us to write about on this blog to keep you informed and have your comments on!

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