Friday, February 7, 2014

OpenELIS Vietnam Progress Update

Here's an update of our progress on the development of the requirements for the Phase I milestone of OpenELIS in Vietnam.  The first two major foci of the Phase I deliverables are now at the point where they are ready to be shared with project stakeholders.  A development/demo site has been installed at the following URL:

(For access credentials, contact Jim Sibley)

The Phase I deliverables that are featured in this instance of the application are:
  • Inclusion of batch specimen entry screen, allowing quick data entry for multiple specimens
  • Inclusion of label printing functionality both outside and within specimen entry screens

The remaining Phase I deliverable is still currently under development:
  • Modifications to individual specimen entry, i.e. limiting data entry screen to one page, allowing specimen rejection during specimen entry, etc.

Further, the effort to map the Vietnam test catalog to LOINC is continuing and very close to being complete.  Also, the deployment guide for OpenELIS Vietnam has been updated with a lot more content thanks to the diligent work of Reshma Kakkar.

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