Thursday, August 16, 2012

OpenELIS Global release 2.7.1

The latest OpenELIS release is now available for installation.  This release is version 2.7.1 (build 3200) and will most directly affect the Retro-CI implementation.  The release addresses the following priorities and issues:

Features and Updates

  • Updating the name in the menus of the Cobas Taqman DNA PCR and Viral Load analyzers
  • Creating the ability for lab techs to choose not to import test results, thus not creating a test request if it was run unnecessarily
  • Notifying the user when the analyzer import is not saved correctly
  • Functional prototype of the Audit Trail feature to allow administrators to view step by step status changes to each lab order, sample, and test request (See the blog post here)
  • New role to set explicit permissions to the Audit Trail feature

Bug Fixes

  • Correcting the lab no. LART32667 to not display continuously in the analyzer import screen
  • Correcting the transfer of lab results from the Cobas Taqman DNA PCR
  • Fixed Fascaibur import bug to address the need to manually enter CD4 result.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the non-conformity report by lab section and reason from generating. 
Please send us any feedback you may have about the release.  We will follow up soon to outline our priorities for the next release.

1 comment:

  1. Due to an urgent priority that came up this morning, we've updated the code and released 2.7.2. The new release includes a patch to fix the decimal place formatting for the fascount analyzer file that is being imported at Retro-CI.

    (Figured adding this comment is enough instead of a whole blog post to announce this.)