Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Malaria Support

We are pleased to announce that iSanté and OpenELIS have been updated to now support Malaria care & treatment and Malaria surveillance reporting.  The specific support available within the software includes the following:
  • Malaria data elements added to the primary care and OBGYN forms in iSanté
  • Malaria reports available in iSanté, including: prevalence, tested, and treated counts in primary care; counts of pregnant women tested, diagnosed, and treated;  
  • Updated ART eligibility criteria in iSanté to match the national care directives
  • Malaria tests added to the OpenELIS test catalog
  • Electronic exchange of Malaria test results from OpenELIS to iSanté
  • Malaria testing surveillance report in OpenELIS of both positive and negative test result counts for a specified time period – in XML format to be delivered electronically
  • Malaria case surveillance reporting in OpenELIS of all positive test results – electronic delivery in HL7 CDA format
  • Bug fixes in OpenELIS (details in the change document linked below)
  • Administration update in iSanté to show the Linux console upon boot
  • Updated version numbering scheme for iSanté (details in the change document linked below)
Change document for the iSanté release is at http://code.google.com/p/isante/downloads/list

We’re excited about this new release of iSanté and OpenELIS, and are thankful for all of the energy invested by you and our partners for this release. We look forward to any feedback you may have.

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